Anticipation-Reaction Guide Template

Chapter Preview-Tour Template

Coding-Comprehension Monitoring Template

Concept Map Template

Frayer Model Template

GiveOne GetOne MoveOn Template

Inference Notes Wheel Fill-In Template

Interactive WordWall Planning Template

Knowledge Rating Guide Template

Reciprocal Teaching Template

Role-Audience-Format-Topic(RAFT) Template

Save the Last Word for Me Template

Semantic Feature Analysis Template

Think-Pair-Share Template

Triple Entry Vocabulary Journal Template

Two-Column Note Taking Template

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Here you will find a list of all the literacy strategies teacher developers used in their units. Each strategy is linked to a PDF document that provides a description and instructions for its use.  All of the strategies listed to the left, and many others, can be found in the Thinkquiry Toolkit I: Strategies to Improve Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary Development Across the Content Areas (Meltzer & Jackson, 2009).

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