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Erosion and Weathering—Grade 4 Science

Character Development for Deeper Comprehension—Grade 4 English Language Arts

Fractions—Grade 4 Mathematics


The Holocaust: Analyzing Nazi Propaganda—Grade 8 Combined Language Arts Social Studies

The Civil Rights in America—Grade 8 Social Studies

The Cell—Grade 8 Biology

Two and Three Dimensional Shapes—Grade 8 Geometry

Citizenship—Grade 6 Social Studies


Solving Quadratic Equations—Grade 10 Algebra II

1920s–A Clash of Values—Grade 11 Social Studies

Structures of the Eukaryotic Cell—Grades 9-12 Biology

Short Story – Grades 9-12 – English Language Arts

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The page contains a list of all the units that were a part of the MCLP OER Professional Development Project. Each unit contains an overview, a list of strategies, complete lesson plans, and all resource materials. All of the literacy strategies and technology used in the unit have been linked to a description of the strategy or the URL of the resource. Additionally, where we have captured video of instructors modeling the use of these technology or literacy resources, we have included a link to the video.

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